The Sister’s In Town

Oct 12

The Sister’s In Town

My flatmate introduced me to his younger sister for the first time yesterday.  She was visiting for the night as a rest stop, on her way up to Birmingham.  I did the polite thing and got chatting to her, and insisted she played me at a game of CoD – an invitation which she graciously accepted.  As the evening drew on we decided to watch a film, and I cunningly chose a film which me and my flatmate had watched together the week before, so knew he would have no intention of watching again.  As the film progressed we ended up growing closer and closer until we were spooning.  I felt the film drawing to a close, and lunged in for the kiss, which she, surprisingly, replicated.  After a shock few minutes of fumbling and making out, I picked her up and threw her into the bedroom.  One thing led to another and I the next thing I knew it was 5am and she was lying naked, asleep, next to me.  I woke her up and took her back into the lounge, tucked her up in her sleeping bag and went back to sleep.

The next morning my flatmate and his girlfriend came in with a cooked breakfast to say thanks for letting his sister stay in the lounge.  They were completely clueless as to the previous nights frolics.

When we had initially moved into the flat – we did say we’d share everything. I hope this is what he had in mind.


Submitted anonomously from a University student at: Oxford Brookes University, England


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