Bonner Alert

Oct 18

Bonner Alert

On a night out in town with the lads, our friend attempted to bail on us early in the night saying that the  ‘talent’ on the wild streets of Norwich weren’t ‘doing it‘ for him.  While we had to agree the birds were looking pretty rough on this particular night, we felt this no way to treat the lad pack, and managed to persuade (bully) him into visiting just one more club on the condition that if he felt the girls still weren’t ‘doing it‘ for him, then he was free to go home early without us.

On entering the club it was clear that this certainly was not going to be the one to persuade our fleeing friend that Norwich was the place to be on this particular evening, and so drastic action was needed to keep the lad pack together.  I therefore got the round in, and added a little something special to the housemates drink.  Three pills of Viagra to be precise (despite the packet recommending no more than one pill every 4 hours).

Despite the overdose of Viagra, the pill didn’t have the desired effect, and my house mate went home early – my best effort to keep him were in vein.

The next morning he woke up with a raging hardon which was described to me as ‘aching’ and ‘itchy’.  After my housemate had grossed me out enough with the in depth description of his penis, he went off to lectures.  He came early, out of embarrassment, because his member was still standing proud and drawing attention.

18 hours later, still as rock solid as lead pipping he had to go to hospital to be checked over by a consultant.  He knows something happened that night, I have not confessed it was me, instead I have done the manly thing and have attempted to persuade him that really the talent of Norwich actually was ‘doing it’ for him.


Submitted anonymously from a University student at: University of East Anglia


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